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Articles about Azure Charts

  • Cloud Charts Manifesto
    Guiding principles of the project are stated in Cloud Charts Manifesto. This article describes the main drivers behind Azure Charts project and the basis ideas of the implementation.
  • Measuring the cloud: dimensions of cloud state in Azure Charts
    Based on ideas from Cloud Charts Manifesto, Azure Charts project communicates current cloud state in terms of dimensions, services and VM instance types are measured in.
  • Cloud state representation patterns in Azure Charts
    Main patterns introduced in Azure Charts project to test the ideas stated in Cloud Charts Manifesto and to create a cloud state communication channel for Microsoft Azure.
  • Learning Azure with Azure Charts
    To help learning Azure in a focused way and staying up-to-date in your knowledge, there is a suite of interactive charts introduced recently which you can find under the Learning menu in the navigation bar.
  • One focus, many angles: Azure Service 360° of Azure Charts
    Is there an Azure service that is currently most important for you? If there is one (or a couple), you are likely interested in most essential stats for it on a single pane of glass.
  • Explorer's guide to Azure using Azure Charts
    How to use charts based on Guided Exploration Map (“Explorer”) pattern: Azure Solution Explorer, Azure Template Explorer, Azure Customer Story Explorer, Azure Learning Explorer.

Azure Charts demos, credit to Dean Cefola and Dana Epp