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AI + Machine Learning Analytics Compute Databases Development Identity + Security IoT + MR Integration Management + Governance Media + Comms Migration Networking Storage

Bot Service

Analysis Services

App Service

Apache Cassandra MI

App Configuration

Azure Active Directory

Azure Maps

API Management


Azure CDN

Azure Migrate

Application Gateway

Avere vFXT

Cognitive Search

Azure Purview

App Service (Linux)

Blockchain Service

Azure DevOps

Azure AD B2C

Azure Sphere

Azure API for FHIR

Azure Advisor

Communication Services

Data Box

Azure Bastion

Azure NetApp Files

Cognitive Services

Data Catalog

Azure Batch

Cosmos DB

Azure Spring Cloud

Azure AD DS

Digital Twins

Event Grid

Azure Arc

Media Services

DB Migration Service

Azure DNS

Azure Storage

Machine Learning

Data Explorer

Azure Functions

Database for MariaDB

DevTest Labs

Azure Defender

IoT Central

Logic Apps

Azure Automanage

Site Recovery

Azure Firewall

Data Lake Storage

Microsoft Genomics

Data Factory

Azure VMware Solutions

Database for MySQL

Lab Services

Azure Key Vault

IoT Edge

Notification Hubs

Azure Backup

Azure Front Door

Data Share

Open Datasets

Data Lake Analytics

Cloud Services

Database for PostgreSQL

SignalR Service

Azure Sentinel

IoT Hub

Service Bus

Azure Blueprints

Azure Orbital

Managed Disks


Container Instances

Redis Cache

Visual Studio App Center

DDoS Protection

Object Anchors

Azure Lighthouse



Event Hubs

Container Registry

SQL Database

Dedicated HSM

Remote Rendering

Azure Monitor

Load Balancer



SQL Server Stretch DB

Information Protection

Spatial Anchors

Azure Policy

Network Watcher

Power BI Embedded

Dedicated Host

Security Center

Time Series Insights

Azure Portal

Private Link

Stream Analytics

Kubernetes Service

Cloud Shell

Route Server

Synapse Analytics

Service Fabric

Cost Management

Traffic Manager

Virtual Machines

Managed Apps

Virtual Network

VM Scale Sets


Virtual WAN

Windows Virt. Desktop

VPN Gateway