Azure Charts Log

The log of the most recent updates to Azure Charts project, contains last 1-2 months of changes
Date Type Entry
01 Jun 2020 Article New article posted: Measuring the cloud: dimensions of cloud state in Azure Charts
29 May 2020 Chart New Topic Heat Maps introduced for IoT, Data, AI/ML
27 May 2020 Chart Architecture Pillars Heat Maps introduced
26 May 2020 Chart Geo-specific heat maps introduced for US, Europe, UK, China, Australia, India, Canada
24 May 2020 Chart Azure Government Heat Map: dedicated heat map for Gov Cloud updates
20 May 2020 Feature Update Detection feature introduced for site navigation
18 May 2020 Chart Azure Geo Scope: Instance Type chart added
15 May 2020 Feature Azure Services Overview: Azure Gov and Non-regional added to Focus feature
14 May 2020 Feature Azure Services Overview: Azure Stack added to Focus feature
12 May 2020 Feature Articles, Demos, Guidance page added to the About section
11 May 2020 Article New article posted: Cloud state representation patterns in Azure Charts
09 May 2020 Feature Azure Services Overview: Foundational/Mainstream/Specialized classification added to Focus
03 May 2020 Article Cloud Charts Manifesto published
02 May 2020 Feature Azure Services Overview: use new menu items to focus on IaaS/PaaS/SaaS
29 Apr 2020 Coverage Azure Remote Rendering service added, "IoT" category became "IoT + MR"
29 Apr 2020 Article New article: Learning Azure with Azure Charts
27 Apr 2020 Chart Azure Study Map: new chart that features most studied Azure learning subjects by roles and levels
26 Apr 2020 Feature Azure Affinity Map: now allows to find service associations based on learning content
24 Apr 2020 Feature Azure Charts now has a log of recent changes
21 Apr 2020 Chart Azure Learning Top: use it to quickly check for the highest-rated content for your role, level, service of interest