Azure Charts Log

Most recent updates to Azure Charts project. All the latest charts, features, improvements, coverage extensions.
Date Type Entry
25 Jan 2024 Feature More time periods added to Azure Heat Map
14 Sep 2023 Coverage Microsoft Fabric added
10 Sep 2023 Feature ARM processor designation added to VM Types Overview
09 Sep 2023 Chart Sustainability Value Map added as an AI-powered perspective
12 Aug 2023 Feature RSS subscriptions and CSV export added through Azure Terminal
23 Apr 2023 Feature New chart flow added - Summarization Mode
29 Mar 2023 Feature New Tapestry Mode added to Azure Services Directory
12 Mar 2023 Feature Azure Powerview enriched with AI-powered insights
05 Mar 2023 Chart AI-powered charts added into Perspectives section
15 Feb 2023 Chart Azure Services Directory added
11 Feb 2023 Chart Azure AI + ML Overview added
07 Feb 2023 Chart Azure VM Types Overview added
01 Feb 2023 Chart Azure Deprecation Timeboard added
09 Jan 2023 Coverage Azure Kubernetes Fleet Manager added
14 Nov 2022 Feature Azure Charts Feedback page added
11 Nov 2022 Coverage Azure Elastic SAN, Dev Box, Deployment Environments, Chaos Studio added
09 Jun 2022 Feature AutoScale Focus option added to Azure Services Overview
18 Apr 2022 Chart Azure Services Overview - Advanced View added
30 Jan 2022 Coverage Azure Load Testing service added
18 Jan 2022 Feature Autonomous Newsroom "Slow & Smooth" Mode added