Azure Charts Log

Most recent updates to Azure Charts project. All the latest charts, features, improvements, coverage extensions.
Date Type Entry
14 Nov 2022 Feature Azure Charts Feedback page added
11 Nov 2022 Coverage Azure Elastic SAN, Dev Box, Deployment Environments, Chaos Studio added
09 Jun 2022 Feature AutoScale Focus option added to Azure Services Overview
18 Apr 2022 Chart Azure Services Overview - Advanced View added
30 Jan 2022 Coverage Azure Load Testing service added
18 Jan 2022 Feature Autonomous Newsroom "Slow & Smooth" Mode added
22 Dec 2021 Feature Autonomous Newsroom Mode added
20 Dec 2021 Feature Newsroom Mode added
15 Dec 2021 Chart Azure Festive Season chart added
09 Nov 2021 Coverage Azure Container Apps, Confidential Ledger, Virtual Network Manager, and other services added
19 Sep 2021 Feature Azure Evidence Highlights: org size filtration added
12 Jul 2021 Feature Potential downtimes added to Azure SLA Board Advanced View
06 Jul 2021 Feature Certifications and exams added to Azure Learning Explorer and Azure Learning Highlights
28 Jun 2021 Feature GA Expected annotation added to Azure Status Board
23 Jun 2021 Feature Digital Transformation annotation added to Azure Evidence Highlights
18 Jun 2021 Chart New chart added: Azure SLA Board Advanced View
14 Jun 2021 Feature Bicep annotation added to Azure Template Highlights
13 Jun 2021 Feature Bicep detection added to Azure Template Explorer
04 Jun 2021 Improvement Azure Template Explorer's indexing improved
02 Jun 2021 Coverage Azure Quantum, Web PubSub, and Internet Analyzer added